Student Services

Dansville High School is committed to academic excellence in a safe environment where students develop critical thinking skills, are empowered to succeed, and are encouraged to serve their community.

Aggie Aid is an after-school tutoring program that brings together students, teachers and parents to ensure academic success. Although most students use this as a time to study and meet with tutors or teachers, other services include the development of study skills, general academic organization and the tracking of student progress. Student eligibility is based upon academic and demographic criteria as outlined by federal guidelines.

Transportation: For students living in the Dansville school district, bussing is provided.

High School Library Hours

Tuesday and Thursday
3:00-4:00 PM


Mr. Hubinger
517-623-6120, ext. 2331

Numerous research studies show regular attendance at school is one of the top three indicators for predicting if a student will graduate high school. An “Early Warning Sign” system developed by researchers shows students who miss more than five days in a semester (regardless of their grade level) are twice as likely to drop out of school as compared to those students with regular attendance. We need your help to ensure our Dansville students do not become one of these statistics. Parents are asked to call the office on the morning their son/daughter is absent. When it is not possible to call, a note may be sent to school with the student when he/she returns.

Attendance Hotline

517-623-6120 x 1104