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Parent Involvement Policy

Dansville Elementary School is committed to a quality education program that values parent involvement. We believe the parents/guardians are our necessary partners in the development of each child. We welcome every opportunity that will encourage a positive relationship between the school, parent, and child. Parental involvement in a child’s education is the most consistent indicator of the child’s success in school.

Dansville Elementary School recognizes that: 

  • A child’s education is a responsibility shared by the home and the school during the entire time the child spends in school.
  • Engaging parents is essential to improving school improvement.
  • The school and parents must work together as knowledgeable partners to support the goal of the school to educate all children effectively.
  • The school needs to promote opportunities that will involve active parent participation.

Dansville Elementary School believes that parent involvement includes:

  • Emphasizing the importance of sending students to school with adequate sleep and properly dressed. Consistent daily attendance is vital to school success.
  • Support with the completion of academic assignments and the rules of student conduct.
  • Communicating with school personnel as needed to regarding student concerns and school expectations.
  • Looking for opportunities to participate and volunteer.
  • Attending school-related events and activities to support your child.
  • Participating on school-based committees, advisory boards or teams that would support the school.

(Addresses paragraph I.L.2)

Dansville Schools will promptly meet with the family of a student with a disability or with any individual with a disability to create a specific plan to promptly make any necessary adjustments to ensure that all programs and activities are accessible and able to be viewed. Dansville Schools will also partner with Ingham Intermediate School District staff members who specialize in different specific disability areas to help with the plan creation. 

There are several examples that reinforce the adoption of this plan by the district, including adaptations that have been made for wheel-chair bound individuals who have attended graduation and school productions, hiring an interpreter for a hearing-impaired parent for graduation and the following, which is the district's plan for a mobility impaired student who was enrolled at the high school. 

Example: Dansville High School Plan for Academic Accessibility

Science Classrooms/Lab 
  • Lower lab table in room 117 classroom
  • Build ramp for accessibility to chicken coop 
Physical Education 
  • Sandbags or blocks to immobilize wheelchair 
  • Additional exercise mats 
  • Sturdy arm chairs with non-slip bases for seated exercises 
  • Adaptable resistive exercise equipment such as resistive bands and tubing
  • Adjustable basketball hoop 
  • Oversized Rackets 
  • Wheelchair goals and leg harness (for soccer) 
  • Nerf balls of various size 
Art Classroom 
  • Potters wheel raised 
  • Sink lowered 
  • Table adjusted to correct height 
All Classrooms
  • Rearrange seating to ensure mobility of wheelchair
  • Table/desk adjusted to correct height 

Dansville School Accessibility

The elementary, middle and high schools will have their handbooks accessible for those with vision and hearing impairments. Handbooks will either be available at
Dansville School Elementary Handbook or on CD. In addition, the school's accessibility plan will also be available on CD.

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