Dansville Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook

PDF DocumentDansville Elementary School Student-Parent Handbook

Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)

As a staff we have worked together to encourage positive behavior and create a positive school-wide system of support for students to make good choices. We believe that in addition to educating our students academically, we have a responsibility to foster the development of their CHARACTER. The staff has engaged in an ongoing evaluation of the traits represented below that correlate with each letter of the word CHARACTER. The students developed the definitions for each trait. The staff members will then evaluate each trait and find which traits need improvement. From there, a positive reward system will be developed to encourage students who are meeting or exceeding expectations for that trait. In this way, positive behavior is rewarded rather than focusing only on negative behavior.

Character Education- 7 Mindsets

The 7 Mindsets approach relies on the premise that success is based less on what a person knows, and much more significantly on how he or she thinks. A person’s mindset provides the foundation for resilience, motivation, and meaning in life. By making small shifts in the way a person views the world and their future in it, we see a positive, immediate and sustainable transformation. For students, improved graduation rates, higher test scores, better behavior, increased confidence and optimism are all proven outcomes of the 7 Mindsets. Dansville schools promotes character education by teaching our students about the 7 Mindsets.

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