April 19, 2015

Live Museum at Dansville Elementary


Live Museum at Dansville Elementary Live Museum at Dansville Elementary

Dansville Elementary Live Museum


Dansville Elementary Live Museum Dansville Elementary Live Museum

Elementary School Live Museum


Elementary School Live Museum Elementary School Live Museum

Elementary Live Museum


Elementary Live Museum Elementary Live Museum

State Superintendent Visits 3rd Grade


State Superintendent Visits 3rd Grade State Superintendent Visits 3rd Grade

State Superintendent Visits Robotics Class


State Superintendent Visits Robotics Class State Superintendent Visits Robotics Class

Dansville High School Marching Band


Dansville High School Marching Band Dansville High School Marching Band

District Drainage Project


District Drainage Project District Drainage Project

Band at Homecoming


Band at Homecoming Band at Homecoming

District News and Events

Dansville Middle School Building Update

In November, the Board of Education sent a letter informing you of a structural analysis of the middle school and the decision to replace the building. The Board determined this would be more financially responsible than to ask the voters for a bond to replace the roof, replace windows, reconstruct floors, and install joist hangers throughout the building.  These repairs are not due to neglect, but are needed to keep a 94- year- old wood structure with a brick veneer structurally sound for another 10+ years.

In December and January, we held community meetings to get feedback and established a community Facilities Improvement Team (FIT) to provide us direction on what the replacement should be.  NOW, the FIT has concept drawings, will be sharing costs and is seeking your feedback.

Tuesday 4/28 at 7PM in the High School Commons—OR—go to www.dansville.org (click the “Facilities” button on the right-hand side of the page) to get information and provide feedback regarding the draft concepts by taking the survey located at the bottom of the ‘Draft Facilities Concept Drawings’ page.

2014-15 Calendar Update

To comply with state day and hour requirements, we will need to hold school a full day on Friday, June 5th, a full day on Monday, June 8th and a half day on Tuesday, June 9th.    School will dismiss at 11:45 am on Tuesday June 9th.  End of year school events will be adjusted accordingly.

Questions and Answers About Proposal 1

What is Proposal 1?
Proposal 1 asks Michigan voters to change how the state pays for roads and bridges. It also provides more secure funding for schools and local communities. It does this primarily through a 1 cent state tax increase.

What happens if voters approve it?
The sales tax would increase to 7 percent on Oct. 1, 2015. (Sales tax is not charged on groceries or prescriptions, and would not be charged on gasoline.) There would be an additional $1.2 billion for funding our roads, bridges and transportation programs. This revenue would be generated by removing the sales tax paid at the pump and replaced with a wholesale tax that generates a similar amount. All taxes paid at the pump are constitutionally guaranteed to go to transportation programs while the vast majority of sales tax would go to schools and local governments.

Why does Proposal 1 involve schools?
A large portion of the sales tax on fuel is dedicated to school funding. Proposal 1 will prevent the loss of revenue to schools when the sales tax is removed from the gas we buy at the pump. The 1 cent state sales tax increase will generate $300 million more for K-12 education. More important is the constitutional guarantee the School-Aid Fund can only go to K-12 and community colleges.

What happens to the roads if proposal 1 fails?
Michigan ranks 50th in per capita spending for roads and bridges. More than one of every four bridges in Michigan needs to be repaired, improved or replaced. There is not enough money available without Proposal 1 to get ahead of expected additional deterioration, experts say. If Proposal 1 is not approved, Michigan’s roads and bridges will continue to decline at a rapid rate. There is no backup plan approved by the Legislature at this time.

Vote May 5th!

Facilities Improvement Team

The Facilities Improvement Team met on Thursday, March 12, 2015.

  • The committee reviewed the roles of the construction manager and Kingscott as well as receiving an update regarding the process of hiring a construction manager.  The district issued an RFQ to five construction management firms.  After reviewing the four proposals that were received as well as getting feedback from two FIT members who work for a construction management firm that didn’t submit a proposal, three firms were chosen for interviews:  Wolgast, CSM and Miller Davis.  A committee consisting of the FIT co-chairs, the board president, the board facilities chair, the district facilities director and the superintendent interviewed the three firms during the day on March 12th.  The committee will make a recommendation to the board at is March regular meeting after which a construction management firm will be secured.
  • The co-chairs then shared some possible solutions for the district as it relates to the facilities. The DRAFT concepts that the committee viewed are all available at http://www.dansville.org/facilities-committee/.
  • The committee was then charged to go out into the community and get feedback regarding the concepts that they will then bring back to the next FIT meeting on March 26, 2015.

Please consider reviewing the concepts that are shown at: http://www.dansville.org/facilities-committee/ and then complete the online survey to have your feedback considered by the committee moving forward.

Non-Homestead Renewal Election on Tuesday, February 24th

Background: All school districts in Michigan are required to hold elections to levy 18 mills from non-homestead properties in order to receive full school funding each year. Dansville Schools has collected 18 mills since passage of Proposal A in 1994. Our last renewal election took place in May of 2011.

What does Non-Homestead mean? Non-homestead renewals have no impact on homeowners. This millage applies to local businesses, industrial and commercial property or other property that is not your primary residence.

What questions will be on the ballot on February 24th?
• The first question on the ballot is for the renewal of the current levy of 17.8218 mills that is currently being levied on all non-homestead properties.
• The second is an increase of up to 2 mills to restore millage lost to keep the non-homestead at the required 18 mills both now and for the entire period (through 2020). Note: No matter what, passage of this millage will result in no more than 18 mills being levied on non-homestead properties.

What is the impact of the Non-Homestead millage on Dansville Schools?
Dansville Schools collects $624,872 through this millage annually, which equals approximately $800 per pupil. The rest of our funding comes directly from the state in our per pupil Foundation allowance. The Non-Homestead millage equals about 8% of our total annual budget.

Why are there two questions on the ballot in February?
There are two questions on the ballot because we experienced a Headlee Rollback this year. This happens when annual growth on existing property is greater than the rate of inflation.
Passage of both measures will also ensure that we will again be able to collect the full 18 mills if there are future Headlee rollbacks.
The first question is to renew the current millage of 17.8218 mills and the second question is to return the millage to 18 mills and to ensure that we will continue to collect the 18 mills in case of future Headlee rollbacks.

How can the Non-Homestead monies be used? These funds pay for expenses such as instructional materials, staffing, classroom supplies, textbooks and utilities.
Please be sure to vote on February 24th. All voting will take place at the Ingham Township hall except for voters in Wheatfield Township, who will vote at their location. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Amy Hodgson (hodgson@dansville.org/623-6120)

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