April 18, 2014

High School Science Olympiad


High School Science Olympiad High School Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad Participants


Science Olympiad Participants Science Olympiad Participants

Middle School Science Olympiad


Middle School Science Olympiad Middle School Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad


Science Olympiad Science Olympiad

Clearing Trees for Drainage Project


Clearing Trees for Drainage Project Clearing Trees for Drainage Project

District Drainage Project


District Drainage Project District Drainage Project

Band at Homecoming


Band at Homecoming Band at Homecoming

Recess Time


Recess Time Recess Time

Michigan’s Best Award


Michigan’s Best Award Michigan's Best Award

District News and Events

School on Friday April 18, 2014

Dansville Schools has a full day of school on Friday April 18, 2014.

Update regarding Calendar & Daily Time Changes for the remainder of 2013-14 school year

Dear Aggie Parents and Families,

Welcome back from Spring Break!  We hope everyone was able to enjoy time with family and that all Aggies are ready for a strong finish to the 2013-14 School Year!

 We have been waiting for final confirmation from the legislature to determine our final calendar for this year and at this point, we are moving forward based on the information we currently have as proposed in the supplemental appropriations bill.

 We will be addressing our additional snow days with a combination of adding minutes and by adding one day to the school calendar.  Each building has their own schedule and clock hours, so it affects each building individually. 

 The changes are as follows:

 1.    The PD day on Friday, May 23rd will be changed as follows:

*Students will be dismissed at 11:45 a.m.

            *Staff PD time will be from 12:15 pm until 3:15 pm.

2.    Friday, June 6th will be a full day of school.      

3.    The last day of school will be Monday, June 9th.  Students will be dismissed at 11:45 a.m..

 4.   Beginning on Wednesday, April 16th, the building daily schedules will be as follows:

*Dansville Elementary School will begin at 7:55 a.m. and end at 3:02 p.m.

*Dansville Middle School will begin at 7:55 a.m. and end at 2:52 p.m.

*Dansville High School will begin at 7:55 a.m. and end at 2:54 p.m.

5.    Bus Release Times before school starts: 

*HS and MS will be released from the buses at 7:45 a.m. or upon arrival, if arriving after 7:45 a.m..

*Elementary students will be released from the buses at 7:50 a.m.

 Please note that the students’ morning bus times will remain the same initially, as they are generally here in time to fit well with these changes. We will evaluate this as we begin implementation and let you know if there will be any changes.

 We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we have weighed many options, including listening to feedback from many of you regarding how to best accommodate your plans as well as best handle the additional hours needed. We have done our best to make the right decisions, while remaining in compliance with the law, realizing it won’t be possible to develop a plan that is a perfect fit for everyone. 

 As always, please call or email or stop by if you have any questions or concerns.

 Amy Hodgson


Dansville Schools

517-623-6120, ext. 250

Snow Days and Calendar for Dansville Schools

We would like to provide some information regarding our current status in making up time due to the number of snow days we’ve had this year.  While we would like to provide a more definitive answer, this is very difficult since we are yet to hear how the legislators will require schools to make up this time, which leaves everyone waiting and unable to provide clear answers for our families.

 While we are unable to say exactly how many days we may need to “make up”, at this point we DO know that we need to add at least one more day to our calendar, which means that we will be running school into the week of June 9th.

 Until the last snow day (3/12/14), we could’ve added time alone and still been in compliance with the current law without adding days, but the message we are hearing is that the legislators are interested in changing these requirements, which may mean that we will need to add days even beyond June 9th.  Please plan accordingly, as high school final exams and other year end events will be pushed to the end of the year as well.

 We realize how frustrating this can be and hope we’ll get clear answers very soon legislatively so we can share a definitive answer about our last day of school (pending additional cancelations). 

 Thank you to so many of you who have expressed that you also value the safety of our students above all else, even if it means adding days to the calendar.  So many of you have been both supportive and understanding as we navigate our way through this unusually tough winter and those sentiments are very much appreciated.

 Please call, email or stop by if you any have further questions.

 Thank you.

 Amy Hodgson

Welcome to Kindergarten Round-Up!

We are so excited to be planning for another fabulous group of young Aggie kindergarten students for the 2014-2015 school year!  The first step on the road to kindergarten is to officially meet each other at Kindergarten Round-Up which is being held on Friday, March 21st from 12:30-3:30 in the elementary library.  This is an opportunity for us as a school to briefly get to know you and your child and begin the process of preparing for an exciting start to your child’s education.  On April 16th, at 6:00pm, there will be a Kindergarten Parent Night with a presentation by our outstanding Kindergarten teachers with a question and answer time to follow.  We look forward to seeing you at both of these important events and providing the best possible kindergarten experience which includes:

  • Caring, experienced teachers
  • Free breakfast for all kindergarten students
  • SmartBoards in all kindergarten classrooms
  • Small class sizes
  • Specials classes including: Music, Library, Technology, Art, and Physical Education
  • Tight knit family atmosphere
  • Active Parent Teacher Organization

Please click here to access the necessary kindergarten registration documents.

Prom Dress Code

Prom Dress Code.pptx
Dress Code Agreement.pdf

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