February 6, 2016

Billions in Change picture


Billions in Change picture Billions in Change picture

State Superintendent Visits 3rd Grade


State Superintendent Visits 3rd Grade State Superintendent Visits 3rd Grade

State Superintendent Visits Robotics Class


State Superintendent Visits Robotics Class State Superintendent Visits Robotics Class

Dansville High School Marching Band


Dansville High School Marching Band Dansville High School Marching Band

Band at Homecoming


Band at Homecoming Band at Homecoming

Recess Time


Recess Time Recess Time

Michigan’s Best Award


Michigan’s Best Award Michigan's Best Award

District News and Events

Water Quality Information

Dansville Schools’ water was supplied by its own wells up until 2010 when the district connected into the Village of Dansville’s water tower. When using our own wells, six water samplings were gathered four times each year from all over the district and sent for analysis. There were no elevated levels in the local testing that took place here over many years. This speaks to both the water quality and also indicates that there was not corrosion from district pipes that impacted water quality.

Since 2010, the Village of Dansville has tested the water supplied by the water tower and sends the sample to be analyzed annually. The district receives a report each year and no concerns have been identified. In addition, the pipes within the district of which we are aware are made of either galvanized steel or copper.

For these reasons, we feel confident that our students and staff are drinking and working with quality water that does not contain elevated lead or other content levels that would cause concern.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Superintendent Amy Hodgson at 517-623-6120, ext. 250 or hodgson@dansville.org.


Billions In Change

DHS students had an opportunity to provide feedback to the billionaire and founder of 5-Hour Energy, Manoj Bhargava, about his Billions in Change project (www.billionsinchange.com). Manoj is going to do a webisode each month to discuss progress of the inventions, and works that serve humanity. These webisodes will be seen all around the world and will include some of our Aggies!

Sale of Spare Bus

Dansville Schools is selling a spare bus.  If you are interested and need more information, please contact the Superintendent’s office.  Interested parties must contact Amy Hodgson no later than Friday September 18, 2015 by 3 pm.

A Letter From The Superintendent

Dear Aggie Family,

As this beautiful summer starts to wind down and thoughts turn towards fall, it is my hope that this newsletter finds you both well and ready for another school year! These last few weeks would be a great time to help gear your children up for the start of school by encouraging them to read, practice math facts and work on educational apps/online games. Transitioning sleep schedules at the beginning of September would also help students prepare for a successful start to the 2015-16 school year!

District Goals: At the end of each year, we analyze our district’s data to develop our goals for the next school year. The 2015-16 school year academic focus will again center around increasing student achievement in science, social studies and writing. We will also implement an entirely new math curriculum called “Go Math!” in every building! Thank you to the Dansville Schools Education Foundation and their supporters in the community. It is because of their financial commitment, in addition to help from Ingham ISD, that we were able to purchase this highly touted research-based math curriculum!

We will focus on two additional goals this year as well. The first is to create a culture of career and college readiness and the second is to help our Aggie Family learn more about the importance of key mindsets. You will learn more about each of these as the school year unfolds. We also remain committed to meeting the needs of all students by providing additional support classes and interventions in each of our buildings. Positive behavior will also continue to be taught and then recognized and reinforced through our Aggie Buck program in each building.

Facilities Improvements: We made several facilities improvements over the summer as we continue to implement our long-term asset management plan. Last summer a large portion of the high school roof was replaced, so we started to replace the carpet throughout the high school building this summer. The highest traffic areas-the high school office and hallways- have new carpet and then we plan to replace the carpet in the classrooms. The high school gym floor also received much needed and overdue work this summer as it was sanded down and repainted thanks to a partnership between the district and our Athletic Boosters. All of these improvements were made possible by the investment of the community in our school through your support of the sinking fund. Thank you!

We are also excited about the updated recommendation of the Facilities Improvement Team as outlined in their letter to the community that is included in this newsletter. We hope to continue to answer questions and get feedback throughout the year as we move closer to the May 2016 bond vote. Thank you to so many of you who have been part of the planning process and helped shape this entire proposal to fit the needs of our school and the community.

Why Choose Dansville Schools? It’s hard to narrow down in a paragraph what makes our district so unique and special. From academics to extracurricular opportunities, there is no other district in which I would rather have my own children learn and grow- both as students and as people. If I had to choose one aspect of the district that sets us apart, it is the link between our school and our community- it’s this whole concept of being an Aggie Family. Dansville Schools is about so much more than just educating students. We are about investing in each student and each family. We are about building relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime.

It is a privilege to serve the students, families and Dansville community and I sincerely hope you realize that none of what happens at our school is possible without a strong partnership with our school families and our wonderful community. Please let me know if there is anything we could to strengthen these relationships or our school.

Amy Hodgson, Superintendent

Facilities improvement Team Update

Click here to read an update regarding the new recommendation that was presented to the school board on June 15, 2015 by the Facilities Improvement Team.

What all of this means is that because we recently found out that a state program (called the School Loan Revolving Fund) is expected to open back up, by waiting for a May 2016 election, we can put the entire proposal on the ballot as one question for essentially the cost of the original “Question 1”, which is 5.33 mills.

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