February 1, 2015

State Superintendent Visits 3rd Grade


State Superintendent Visits 3rd Grade State Superintendent Visits 3rd Grade

State Superintendent Visits Robotics Class


State Superintendent Visits Robotics Class State Superintendent Visits Robotics Class

Dansville High School Marching Band


Dansville High School Marching Band Dansville High School Marching Band

Science Olympiad Participants


Science Olympiad Participants Science Olympiad Participants

Middle School Science Olympiad


Middle School Science Olympiad Middle School Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad


Science Olympiad Science Olympiad

District Drainage Project


District Drainage Project District Drainage Project

Band at Homecoming


Band at Homecoming Band at Homecoming

Recess Time


Recess Time Recess Time

District News and Events

Please Join in the Facilities Planning Process!

Background: The Board of Education has held two community meetings since mailing a letter to the entire community in November regarding the future of the Dansville Schools facilities. On December 4th and then on January 12th, the board shared with the community what information brought them to the point that they unanimously decided to recommend to the district that the middle school building be replaced with a different structure.
The main impetus for this decision was the Bergmann Report, which outlined the findings of an in-depth middle school structural analysis that was done over the course of a four-month period in the Spring and Summer of 2014. This report, along with a timeline of events over the past several years, maintenance documents and Recently Asked Questions are all available on the district’s website by clicking on the FACILITIES tab on the right side of the home page. We strongly encourage everyone to read the report and check out the information that is posted.
Have a voice in the process! As part of the facilities planning process, the district has established a Facilities Improvement Team (FIT) that will be led by co-chairs Chad Minnis and Janeen (Townsend) Tkaczyk. Chad and Janeen both graduated from Dansville and their families are long-time community members as well. The entire community has been invited to be part of the FIT and so far 30 community members are on the roster. If you or anyone you know would like to be part of helping the district create a plan that will eventually be shared with the board of education, please contact Chad (ceminnis@agristar.net), Janeen (jtkaczyk2703@gmail.com) or Amy Hodgson (hodgson@dansville.org) any time throughout the process.

The first FIT meeting will take place on Thursday, January 29th at 6:30 pm in the elementary library. The meetings are generally scheduled to take place every two weeks after that with a few tweaks due to spring break and conferences. Check out the Google calendar on the district website to confirm all meeting times and dates.

State Superintendent Mike Flanagan Visits Dansville

Dansville Schools was honored to host State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan on Wednesday, January 7th. His tour included a visit to each building as well as special visits with some parents, staff members and board members and a special meeting with a group of secondary students.

At Dansville Elementary, Superintendent Flanagan visited a classroom where students were engaged in arts integration strategies during literacy instruction.  The students were learning new vocabulary words by working in teams to create frozen pictures of the definition.  Their classmates then guess the correct vocabulary word.

At Dansville Middle School, Mr. Flanagan visited a robotics class in action.  Robotics is a course that is offered as part of the Project Lead the Way STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) program where students work through a largely hands-on curriculum to program and build various robots.

Finally Mr. Flanagan visited a high school American Literature class, where every student has an iPad and the teacher was explaining the upcoming learning targets- student-friendly statements aligned to the Common Core that guide each student’s learning.

After spending more than four hours in our district, Mr. Flanagan shared his impressions with both WILX and the Lansing State Journal, as both media outlets were part of the tour as well.  When asked to speak about the visit Superintendent Flanagan said “It’s the learning of the future and they’re doing it now in Dansville.  Kids want to be active, they want to be on technology, they have the iPads here. And all of that is contributing to reading scores going up. ACT scores are going up. It’s just very inspiring.”

Click here to view WILX TV footage.

Click here to read the LSJ article.

Community Facilities Meeting Update

Thank you to the community for your participation in our second Community Facilities Meeting held last evening (1/12/15) in the high school. It was great to see a cross-section of the community in attendance. This meeting provided an opportunity for the school board to again explain what information led them to the recommendation that the district replace the middle school building with a different structure as well as to turn this entire planning process over to the community. The presentation is attached here: Board Facilities Presentation January 12, 2015

The Facilities Improvement Team (or FIT committee) will be led by Dansville graduates Chad Minnis and Janeen Tkaczyk. As of today, 27 community members have signed up to be part of this planning team. The FIT committee will remain open throughout the planning process if anyone else is interested in joining. The Historical Preservation Committee will work alongside the FIT committee throughout the process as well. We currently have six community members on this team. Please contact Amy Hodgson at any time over the next months of planning at 623-6120, ext. 250 or hodgson@dansville.org to be added to either team.

Thank you again to our community for your partnership in this planning process!

Facilities Meeting- Monday, January 12

The Dansville Board of Education held a community meeting in December to begin discussions regarding the future of the district’s facilities.  It is their hope that community members will attend another informational meeting on Monday, January 12th at 7 pm in the HS Commons. To read about what has occurred related to the facilities over the course of the past several years and to see answers to questions asked at the last meeting, please click on the Facilities button on the right side of the district’s home page.

Dansville Schools Hosts Orientation for Substitute Teachers

Substitute teachers for Dansville Schools needed!! Professional Educational Services Group, (PESG), on behalf of Dansville Schools, is hiring staff to work as Substitute Teachers at all grade levels in the school district. An open enrollment meeting will be held on December 11, 2014 at 10 AM at Dansville Schools (Dansville Elementary School Library, at 1264 Adams Street, Dansville MI 48819). Please bring driver’s license/ID card, social security card or birth certificate or valid passport. Please apply on-line at www.subpass.com  EOE.


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