The Dansville Middle School PTO is a group that is formed at the beginning of every school year.  Anyone that is interested is always welcome to participate. The administrators meet with the PTO periodically throughout the school year on various activities. The biggest event of the year is our annual “Family Fun Night” that is held every year.  The PTO also does dinners for teachers during conferences and helps with 8th grade graduation and honors night activities. If you are interested in the Dansville Middle School PTO please contact the Middle School office at 517-623-6120 ext. 1114.

Dansville Middle School

The staff of Dansville Middle School is committed to providing a program for successful learning in a positive environment to meet the needs of all students. We will educate and help them achieve to the best of their abilities while fostering positive social and emotional growth. Through parental involvement and support, we will strive to help students become responsible and educated individuals.

Our learning community provides students with an extremely talented teaching staff, a variety of learning opportunities and an opportunity to grow and challenge themselves. Our hope is that students leave Dansville Middle School empowered to stay intellectually engaged, instilled with behaviors in keeping with responsible citizenship and the initiative necessary to become the best person they can be.

In order to continue with our mission, Dansville Middle School staff is consistently working to update and change programs.

This year we will continue to implement Positive Behavioral and Intervention Support Program (PBIS). This system includes a specific behavior matrix that is used to teach students the expected behaviors.