Sandy Hunt

Middle School Math Teacher 
517-623-6120, ext. 3131

Linsey Ebert

Middle School Science Teacher
517-623-6120, ext. 3117


Member Responsibilities:


Attending meetings about once a month 

  • Members are responsible for all class materials missed due to Student Council meetings.
  • The meeting times will be determined by Ms. Ebert and Mrs. Hunt as needed.
  • Students are to notify his/her 6th hour teacher of the meeting at least 2 days in advance to be excused. Students must get all assignments and record information in his/her agenda before leaving for the meeting.

Members must maintain a 2 average in all classes to participate in
Student Council


  • A student falling below a 2 average in any class will be suspended from meetings and activities until his/her class average has improved and approval to miss class from the classroom teacher has been received.

Members are responsible for attending and assisting at Student Council activities

  • If a member is unable to attend, the Student Council advisors must be notified in advance.
    These activities include but are not limited to the following:
    • Selling refreshments at DMS sports activities.
    • After school and evening activities sponsored by Student Council.

Members are responsible for their own transportation after school hours

  • Members are to keep their fellow classmates informed on activities, events, and other information.
  • Members are to promote citizenship skills, leadership skills, and act as role models for other DMS students at all times.
  • Members are to be supportive of Student Council and its activities.