Educational Resources


  •  Family Learning Connections Website from ISD:   Click Here

This website is designed to  help educators and families create better partnerships that support student growth. The website is driven by student grade level in three categories, reading, math and behavior. The Family Learning Connection is designed to provide families with information about state required student learning objectives and give families tools to support their student’s learning.

All parents want their children to become successful, caring adults.  Similarly, many parents want to be involved with the formal education of their children.  Sometimes, however, they don’t know where to start, when to find time, or how to go about making positive connections with the school.  At the very basic level, parents can begin encouraging the education of their children by showing that they truly value education themselves.  In order to provide some ideas for ways to get engaged with your children about their education, please check out the United States Department of Education website.

  • 16 Ways to Set Your Student Up for Success:  Click Here

A list of tips you can use with your student to help make them successful in his/her school career.

  • Organization for Middle School Students with Learning Disabilities:  Click Here

Tips and strategies to use with all students and especially those with learning disabilities.

The Kahn Academy has lessons for students of all ages and all subject areas.  It is a free resource; however you do have to create an account to use it.  There are resources for students as well as  parents.

  • Homework Organization For Students (And Their Parents):  Click Here

Parents, Homework Organization is possible for students! Share these proven tips with your child and watch as their homework is completed and turned in faster and easier than ever before!

This article contains good advice for parents seeking for ideas to help ADHD students struggling with organizational skills. The article recommends a binder organizational system that uses a points and a checklist to help students prioritize and organize their work as they transport it to and from school, as well as other helpful ideas.   READING CONTENT ARTICLES

Are after school activities leaving you feeling rushed, pressured and with no time to spare?  Are you wondering where you could possibly find an extra hour to read with your kiddos?  Well, guess what?  You don't have to worry about carving out big chunks of time! This awesome poster outlines the benefits of just 15 minutes a day, and the real difference this investment time can make to your child!   MATH CONTENT ARTICLES

  •  Helping Students Become Engaged with Math:  Click Here

This article contains a lot of good ideas for parents seeking activities they can do at home to help their children become more engaged in mathematics; including ideas for working with the classroom teacher to improve student achievement. The article also contains ideas and programs that support parental involvement and links to studies supporting increased parental involvement.

  • Helping Students with Math Attitudes:  Click Here

This article contains excellent ideas for parents looking to improve their child’s opinions and attitudes about math.

This website allows students to ask questions and get help with specific math problems while also explaining the process of solving the problem.  Great for parents who want to help their students learn.   SCIENCE CONTENT ARTICLES

This website has resources to help students with different science content.  It has videos, explorations and interactive videos.

This is a link to additional resources from the SEPUP curriculum for 6th grade science.

These are links to additional resources from the SEPUP curriculum for 7th grade science.


This website provides information about current events, countries and cultures, as well as several other resources about our world.   HEALTH EDUCATION CONTENT ARTICLES

 Good nutrition and a balanced diet help kids grow up healthy. Here's how to improve nutrition and encourage smart eating habits.​     CREATIVE ARTS ARTICLES

This article is another example of multiple studies showing the connection between the arts and academics.  This article actually shares real-life examples of people who share their story about how music helped them being successful in the business world and athletics.  The qualities these high achievers possess have been sharpened through music.  Qualities such as collaboration, creativity, discipline and the capacity to reconcile conflicting ideas.

This is an article about the value of parent support for music students in middle and high school.  It includes a great list of ideas for parents on how to best help their child succeed in band or choir:

This article provides tips for parents of music students on how to motivate their child to practice:

This MSBOA article provides tips and ideas on how to best advocate for your child's school music program:

This article provides detailed information about the benefits or participating in music:

  • Twelve Benefits of Music Education:  Click Here

This article explains the benefits to the students in participating in music classes:

  • Music lessons spur emotional and behavioral growth:   Click Here

This article details a new study indicating emotional and behavioral benefits of being involved in making music in schools:

This article explains how music could help close the achievement gap between poor and affluent students:

  • A Musical Fix for American Schools - WSJ:  Click Here

This opinion piece draws attention the possible ways music could help our students: