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PDF DocumentSteps to connect to WiFi with Chromebook

PDF DocumentSteps to connect to WiFi with iPad


PDF DocumentT-Mobile Mifi Instructions


Utilizing Calendy

If your teacher has indicated that they are using Calendy (please see individual teacher pages), a student or parent/guardian can create a meeting using Calendly.  

You can also download the Calendly app for free on a tablet or smartphone.


Google Play

Reasons to set up a meeting:

  • A student doesn't understand an assignment
  • A student needs help with an assignment
  • A student need help to understand a concept
  • A student want to retake or make up a test
  • Tutoring
  • A parent or guardian would like to talk to the teacher about something
  • A student would like to talk to the about something

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How to Access Dansville Middle School Student E-mail on a District-Managed ChromeBook


Directions on Accessing Email on a District-Managed ChromeBook

External LinkGOOGLE Classroom Troubleshooting Information for Students


Tips and Tricks


If you would like your students to take photos and/or videos of what they are doing to post to Google Classroom and they do not have their own student device (smartphone, iPad, etc) with a camera, here is a potential solution.


  • If a parent or older sibling has a smartphone or iPad, have them download the Google Classroom app and sign into it with the student's Dansville Google credentials.

  • Have them use the device to take a photo/video and post it directly into their Google Classroom using the app.

  • If needed, you can switch between accounts within the Google Classroom app.


District Communication

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PDF DocumentPlease complete this IMPORTANT survey (3/29/2020)


Amy Hodgson

Athletic Supervisor
District Special Education Coordinator
Curriculum Director
Phone: 517-623-6120
Extension: 3416

You can email or call and leave messages for staff members throughout the remainder of the school year and expect that we will respond as soon as we can, but ideally within 24-48 hours after you send it.