January 16, 2018


Transportation Update

On Tuesday, July 26th at a Special Meeting of the Dansville Board of Education, the decision was made to join a Regional General Education Transportation Consortium through the Ingham Intermediate School District. In doing so, Dansville will join Webberville Schools in contracting general education transportation services through Dean Transportation. Six other Ingham County schools are considering joining the consortium either in January or next fall.

In the current economic reality we are experiencing in the state of Michigan, it is the responsibility of the school to do everything possible to save money in every area that will allow us to preserve the quality of our instructional programs. In addition to the projected long-term savings for the district that joining this consortium offers, our bus fleet will be updated and our drivers will receive extensive training opportunities that will benefit our students.

The transition includes Dean Transportation meeting with all current interested Dansville bus drivers and transportation staff next week to discuss employment. Dansville drivers will have “super seniority” for all Dansville bus runs and all special trips. We are pleased that the district will also be receiving three new Dansville school buses this fall as part of this consortium agreement.

There will be a parent meeting in mid-August with Dean Transportation personnel to answer questions and help ensure a seamless transition for our Dansville families. Please check the website for further details about this meeting.

Please call, write or stop by if you have any questions in the mean time. (623-6120, ext. 221) (hodgson@dansville.org)

General Transportation Statement

It is the responsibility of Dansville Schools to provide safe, economical bus transportation to all eligible students living in the district. Students of Dansville Schools will be provided transportation to and from school for classes if they live more than three quarters of a mile from the school. Parents or guardians of students who live less than three quarters of a mile from the school will be responsible for providing transportation for their students, or those students may walk to school.
Exception: Due to the amount and speed of traffic on Michigan State Highway 36 (M 36) and the lack of sidewalks, transportation to and from school for classes will be provided for those students within three quarters of a mile from the school who live on M 36 west of Dakin Street (the street running between M 36 and the Elementary School).

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to:

  • Ensure that their students arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes early.
  • Provide necessary protection of their students when going to and from the bus stop.
  • Accept joint responsibility with their student and school authorities for proper conduct of their student.
  • Make a reasonable effort to understand and cooperate with those responsible for pupil transportation.
  • Make sure that their students are dressed properly for the weather while waiting for the bus.

School Closings:

  • WILX CH 10
  • WLNS CH 6