November 26, 2014

Many Hands

Many Hands Many Hands

CMAC Champs

CMAC Champs CMAC Champs

Arts Integration

Arts Integration Arts Integration

Seniors’ Last Day

Seniors’ Last Day Seniors' Last Day

2012 High School Homecoming

2012 High School Homecoming 2012 High School Homecoming

High School Homecoming 2012

High School Homecoming 2012 High School Homecoming 2012

High School News and Events

Exchange Program

High school students currently in grades 9, 10 and 11 are invited to apply to a statewide student exchange program that would take them to Shiga, Japan, our Sister State, for two weeks during the summer of 2015. The program is the Michigan-Shiga High School Student Exchange Program, a program co-sponsored by the Michigan-Shiga Sister State Program and Michigan State University Asian Studies Center. Fifteen high school students from Michigan are selected to participate each year, and paired with Japanese students with similar interests.

The Michigan students will live with host families and attend school with the Shiga exchange students from June 24 – July 10, 2015. Then, beginning

August 28 – September 12, 2015, the Japanese students will come here and spend two weeks with the Michigan families, attending school with their Michigan partners.

Any student who is adventurous, likes to meet new people and is open-minded qualifies for the program. Knowledge of the Japanese language is helpful, but not necessary. There is a mandatory orientation on Saturday, February 28, 2015 to acquaint selected students and parents with Japanese customs and basic language, held on the Michigan State University campus.

Students interested in applying can receive an application and descriptive brochure online at If you have further questions, please call the program coordinator, Kathee McDonald, at 517.388.1308 or by e-mail at

Mistletoe Dress Code Requirements

It’s that time of year again folks!  Time for our students to look their best and enjoy a night with their friends dancing the night away.  On Thursday, November 13th students were invited to the Mistletoe Dress Code presentation.  Students  unable to attend, were given a copy of the powerpoint presentation for their own viewing via email.  Students will be asked to either send a picture of the front and the back of their dress to Mrs. Graf at OR have this paperwork signed.  If you have any questions, feel free to call Mrs. Graf at 517-623-6120 ext. 228.   Here is the powerpoint.

Thank and Employee at Dansville Schools

Thank an Employee…

Have you ever wanted to thank someone that has made a difference in your child’s education or well being at our school?  Or even better, thank someone because Thanksgiving is right around the corner?  Here’s your chance…

If you go to the Dansville’s website, and locate the tab on the right labeled “Thank an Aggie Employee” you can fill out a simple form to thank someone in our district, not just a teacher.

These forms are sent to an administrator who then “delivers” them to the intended employee.  This allows administrators to actually “read” the good things their staff members are doing.  Sometimes we are unable to hear the kind words being said to our staff, and it is nice to hear the great things they are doing for our students.

It is also just a nice way to make someones day…

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