February 7, 2016


Dear Friends of Dansville Schools,

The 2012-13 school is wrapping up and plans are underway throughout the district in preparation for next school year.  Our entire staff continues to work hard to provide the best education we possibly can for our students.  Building relationships is a priority for all staff members, which provides the foundation upon which we can build rigorous academics, the infusion of the arts/creativity and a variety of extracurricular opportunities to ensure that every student has a chance to grow and be successful.  We are particularly excited about the engineering courses that began in the middle school this year supported by a grant from the Dart Foundation. 

The district has also completed a multi-year facilities plan as well as a technology plan that will allow us to continue to make improvements on both fronts and to ensure we are good stewards of the resources we have been given by the community.  As it relates to facilities, a survey of the district’s property was completed this year to help us address some drainage concerns, which will help us better protect current investments and in the planning for potential future projects.

Our next steps will involve correcting the drainage issues and then re-evaluating our facilities and sinking fund plans.  This summer we will be completing the elementary project we embarked upon a few years ago, which included replacing the roof along with painting and replacing the carpet.  The high school roof is a priority as we look to the future, followed by replacing much of the carpet throughout the school.

We are so thankful to the community of Dansville for the support of our sinking fund, as it because of your support that we are able to maintain our facilities in this way.  We have also received questions about the next steps of the district as it relates to our buildings and our answer is consistent- we want to move in line with the wishes of the community.  For this reason, we will continue to listen and learn over the next months about what we are doing well and what folks would like to see us doing better- in all areas.  This is not just the school of those who have kids here now- this is EVERYBODY’S school. We know we need this partnership to grow if we are to be successful in the vital mission of educating our kids. 

 The Dansville community has been an amazing partner to the school- showing support for academics through the efforts of the Dansville Schools Education Foundation and by volunteering in classrooms and with academic clubs.  You’ve also shown amazing support for extracurricular activities like the school play or by following our athletic teams. We are so glad that our children have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the people in this community throughout their lives and we realize that these relationships are a key piece of the experience our children receive here in Dansville.  This is why so many have chosen to bring their children to Dansville Schools- they want their children to be known, to be loved and to have the opportunity to shine in their strength area. 

We are thankful for another safe year where kids have been pushed to grow as students as well as people and we look forward to another wonderful year in 2013-14! 


Amy Hodgson,
Superintendent of Dansville Schools