July 22, 2014

Staff Directory

District Faculty

Superintendent’s Office – 517.623.6120
Amy Hodgson Superintendent/Curriculum Director/Special Education Director ext. 250 superintendent@dansville.org
Ann Marie Lindsay Administrative Assistant/Special Education Secretary ext. 221 lindsaya@dansville.org
District Support Staff – 517.623.6120
Doug BeVier Director of Grounds ext. 238 bevierd@dansville.org
Kris Wing School Social Worker ext. 268 kwing@inghamisd.org website
Jeff Taylor On Site Technical Support ext. 292 jataylor@inghamisd.org
LaValle Lamphere Director of Facility Maintenance ext. 314 lampherel@dansville.org
Justin Thorington Athletic Director ext. 312

Elementary Faculty

Office – 517.623.6120
Andy Cox Principal ext. 224 coxa@dansville.org
Brenda Moran Office Manager ext. 226 moranb@dansville.org
Jan Baker Office Aide ext. 225 bakerj@dansville.org
Teaching Staff – 517.623.6120
Nicole Greiter Kindergarten ext. 247 greitern@dansville.org Website
Stephanie McDaniel Kindergarten ext. 253 mcdaniels@dansville.org Website
Amy Haselby 1st Grade ext. 267 haselbya@dansville.org Website
Loretta Rockwell 1st Grade ext. 241 rockwelll@dansville.org Website
Cassie Todd 4th Grade ext. 244 toddc@dansville.org Website
Kristen Ream 2nd Grade ext. 246 reamk@dansville.org Website
Rhonda Toles 2nd Grade ext. 251 tolesr@dansville.org Website
Carrie Kodish 3rd Grade ext. 257 kodishc@dansville.org Website
Kate Tringal 3rd Grade ext. 265 tringalk@dansville.org Website
Shana Barnum 3rd Grade ext. 252 barnums@dansville.org Website
Karen Henderson 4th Grade ext. 259 hendersonk@dansville.org Website
Katie Theurer 5th Grade ext. 255 mailto:theurerk@dansville.org Website
Lynn Main 4th Grade ext. 242 mainl@dansville.org Website
Angie St. Amant 5th Grade ext. 254 stamanta@dansville.org Website
Julie Odom 5th Grade ext. 248 odomj@dansville.org Website
Laura Massaro Music ext. 266 massarol@dansville.org Website
Rebecca Wilson Music ext. 266 wilsonr@dansville.org Website
Mary Gaiser Art ext. 273 gaiserm@dansville.org
Andrea Loomis Speech ext. 279 Website
Susan Provencal Literacy ext. 223 provencals@dansville.org Website
Doretta Arambula Special Education ext. 295 arambulad@dansville.org Website
Michele Momberg Elementary PE ext. 245 mombergm@dansville.org
Library – 517.623.6120
Leanne Barnett Librarian ext. 272 Website

Middle School Faculty

Office – 517.623.6120
Tania Dupuis Principal ext. 235 dupuist@dansville.org
Erin Graf Assistant Principal ext. 228 grafe@dansville.org
Julie York Office Aid ext. 227 yorkj@dansville.org
ext. 276 Website
Ethan Felsing PE ext. 288 felsinge@dansville.org
Cole Feldpausch Math ext. 256 feldpauschc@dansville.org Website
Cory Ross Band ext. 231 rossc@dansville.org Website
Sandy Hunt Math ext. 296 hunts@dansville.org Website
Spanish ext. 286
Eric Thackery Social Studies ext. 293 thackerye@dansville.org Website
Erica Weber Art ext. 302 webere@dansville.org
Jeremy Beck Science ext. 299 beckj@dansville.org Website
Michele Momberg Leadership ext. 245 mombergm@dansville.org
Jessica Guss Science, Math ext. 275 gussj@dansville.org Website
Linsey Ebert Science, Social Studies ext. 274 ebertl@dansville.org
Sarah Runkel English Language Arts ext. 298 runkels@dansville.org

High School Faculty

Office – 517.623.6120
Tania Dupuis Principal ext. 235 dupuist@dansville.org
Erin Graf Assistant Principal ext. 228 grafe@dansville.org
Denise Weldon Office Manager ext. 234 weldond@dansville.org
Attendance Secretary ext. 232
Teachers – 517.623.6120
Allison Rogers English ext. 280 rogersa@dansville.org Website
Amanda Sturm Biology ext. 308 sturma@dansville.org Website
Mathematics/Yearbook ext. 277 knappa@dansville.org Website
Cory Ross Band/Music ext. 231 rossc@dansville.org Website
Tim Whelan Social Studies/Math ext. 301 whelant@dansville.org Website
David Klingbiel Science ext. 282 klingbield@dansville.org Website
Hilary Lenzo Science/Math ext. 285 lenzoh@dansville.org Website
Jason Gubeno Mathematics ext. 304 gubenoj@dansville.org Website
Math/Spanish ext. 286
Jim McNally Physical Education ext. 307 mcnallyj@dansville.org Website
ext. 310 Website
Erica Weber Art ext. 302 webere@dansville.org
Leah Braman English ext. 281 bramanl@dansville.org Website
Matt Hubinger History ext. 283 hubingerm@dansville.org Website
Pauline Lee English ext. 284 leep@dansville.org Website
Tracy Galloway Foreign Language ext. 303 gallowayt@dansville.org Website
Mary Warfle Special Education ext. 258 warflem@dansville.org Website
Support Staff - 517.623.6120
Andrea Hartman Library Coordinator 306 hartmana@dansville.org Website
Chris Salmon Food Service Director ext. 237 salmonc@dansville.org
Cori Akers Counselor ext. 233 akersc@dansville.org  Website
Justin Thorington Athletic Director ext. 312