August 20, 2014

Staff Directory

District Faculty

Superintendent’s Office – 517.623.6120
Amy Hodgson Superintendent/Curriculum Director/Special Education Director ext. 250
Ann Marie Lindsay Administrative Assistant/Special Education Secretary ext. 221
District Support Staff – 517.623.6120
Doug BeVier Director of Grounds ext. 238
Kris Wing School Social Worker ext. 268 Website
Ying Yuen On Site Technical Support ext. 292
LaValle Lamphere Director of Facility Maintenance ext. 314
Justin Thorington Athletic Director ext. 309

Elementary Faculty

Office – 517.623.6120
Andy Cox Principal ext. 224
Brenda Moran Office Manager ext. 226
Jan Baker Office Aide ext. 225
Teachers – 517.623.6120
Nicole Greiter Kindergarten ext. 247 Website
Stephanie McDaniel Kindergarten ext. 253 Website
Amy Haselby 1st Grade ext. 267 Website
Loretta Rockwell 1st Grade ext. 241 Website
Kristen Ream 2nd Grade ext. 246 Website
Rhonda Toles 2nd Grade ext. 251 Website
Carrie Kodish 3rd Grade ext. 257 Website
Kate Tringal 3rd Grade ext. 265 Website
Shana Barnum 3rd Grade ext. 252 Website
Cassie Todd 4th Grade ext. 244 Website
Karen Henderson 4th Grade ext. 259 Website
Lynn Main 4th Grade ext. 242 Website
Katie Theurer 5th Grade ext. 255 Website
Angie St. Amant 5th Grade ext. 254 Website
Julie Odom 5th Grade ext. 248 Website
Candyce Rogers Special Education ext.
Laura Massaro Music ext. 266 Website
Rebecca Wilson Music ext. 266 Website
Mary Gaiser Art ext. 273
Andrea Loomis Speech ext. Website
Susan Provencal Literacy ext. 223 Website
Doretta Arambula Special Education ext. 295 Website
Michele Momberg Elementary PE ext. 245
Library – 517.623.6120
Leanne Barnett Librarian ext. 272 Website

Middle School Faculty

Office – 517.623.6120
Tania Dupuis Principal ext. 235
Erin Graf Assistant Principal ext. 228
Marcy Mosher Office Aide ext. 229
Julie York Head Office Aide ext. 227
Teachers – 517.623.6120
Krista Voss Aggie Fuel Up & Technology ext. 276 Website
Ethan Felsing PE ext. 288
Cole Feldpausch Math ext. 256 Website
Cory Ross Band ext. 231 Website
Sandy Hunt Math ext. 296 Website
Jessica Rusch Spanish ext. 286
Eric Thackery Social Studies ext. 293 Website
Erica Weber Art ext. 302
Jeremy Beck Science ext. 299 Website
Michele Momberg Reading ext. 245
Jessica Guss Science, Math ext. 275 Website
Linsey Ebert Science, Social Studies ext. 274
Heather Rottermond English Language Arts ext. 298
Leanne Barnett Librarian ext. 240 Website

High School Faculty

Office – 517.623.6120
Tania Dupuis Principal ext. 235
Erin Graf Assistant Principal ext. 228
Denise Weldon Office Manager ext. 234
Marcy Mosher Office Aide ext. 232
Teachers – 517.623.6120
Trevor Brusseau English ext. 280 Website
Amanda Sturm Biology ext. 308 Website
Cory Ross Band/Music ext. 231 Website
Tim Whelan Social Studies/Math ext. 301 Website
David Klingbiel Science ext. 282 Website
Science/Math ext. 285 Website
Jason Gubeno Mathematics ext. 304 Website
Jessica Rusch Math/Spanish ext. 286
Jim McNally Physical Education ext. 307 Website
Erica Weber Art ext. 302
Leah Braman English ext. 281 Website
Matt Hubinger History ext. 283 Website
Pauline Lee English ext. 284 Website
Tracy Galloway Foreign Language ext. 303 Website
Mary Warfle Special Education ext. 258 Website
Support Staff - 517.623.6120
Andrea Hartman Library Coordinator ext. 306 Website
Chris Salmon Food Service Director ext. 237
Cori Akers Counselor ext. 233 Website
Justin Thorington Athletic Director ext. 309