February 11, 2016

Points of Pride

Dansville High School Honored with MASB Education Excellence Award

The staff at Dansville High School has worked over the past three years to implement several changes in grading and assessment. All of these changes are based on the most current research regarding best practices in these areas. This work has resulted in increased test scores and a decrease in failure rate for students. Staff members have been asked to share this work with schools from all over the state, which has spurred other schools to make changes as well.

This work has been chosen for the Education Excellence Award by the Michigan Association of School Boards. Staff members will accept the award on behalf of the school on May 17th at the Eagle Eye Golf Course. Congratulations to the staff at the high school for their progressive approach and for earning this outstanding recognition!

Dansville Schools’ Staff to Present at National Assessment Conference

The work of the Dansville Schools’ staff in the areas of grading and assessment has drawn national attention. The work of the district was shared at a county-wide assessment workshop this year at the request of the ISD. A staff member from the Assessment Training Institute was the featured presenter, which led to this opportunity for four staff members to share the journey of the district in presentations at the 18th Annual Assessment Training Institute (ATI) Summer Conference in Portland, Oregon in July.

The process the high school staff embarked upon as well as the resulting changes that have been made in their practice will be shared, along with the changes that are starting to happen throughout the district. The district will send three teachers- Amber Cross, Leah Braman and Jessica Doepker- along with the superintendent, Amy Hodgson to represent this significant and progressive work at this national assessment conference.

About Aggie Points of Pride

The school staff, parents and community members were invited to share Aggie Points of Pride as they reflected on the 2010-11 school year. We wanted to share these submissions with the launch of the new website knowing that this school year will be filled with many more Aggie Points of Pride. Thank you to those of you who shared and we encourage everyone to continue to submit Points of Pride throughout the school year to hodgson@dansville.org with Points of Pride in the subject line.



Michael Swan has taken on the responsibility of caring for our flag each day, which is located outside of the high school main entrance. Thanks for doing a great job!

– Tania Dupuis

Over 100 SOAR Kites were earned by middle school students during the first week of school for demonstrating positive behavior. This week’s drawing winners were: Chase Salazar, Wei Wei Kapp, Nathan Hause, and Myranda May.

– Tania Dupuis

I think that building positive relationships and making connections is the key to a successful learning environment. Candyce Rogers, Special Education Teacher at Dansville Middle School, does just that! Two things that stand out the most are the weekly reading to the Kindergarteners and the organization and fundraising of an educational field trip to a different location each year.

– Kelli Helgeson

Mrs. Roger’s English class chooses a book each week to read to the Kindergarteners. Not only are the students learning, but they are also working on their communication skills and the kindergartners are developing an understanding of what it means to have a positive role model. The Kindergarten AND Middle School students benefit from this experience. Sami Maynard who is currently a freshman says, “Last year I was paired up with a sweet little girl who still runs up and hugs me when she sees me outside of school.”

– Kelli Helgeson

This year some of our students are going to Chicago to the Field Museum and Shed Aquarium. Mrs. Rogers holds a silent auction at conferences and a pancake breakfast as fundraisers so that students do not have to pay for the trip. The field trip is educational and rewarding for all students who attend. These are just a few of the MANY examples of Dansville teachers and students making a difference!

– Kelli Helgeson

Freshman Ellen Launstein made an impact on the High School when she came in one February day with more than 300 handmade Valentines. Her plan was to make the school a little brighter by putting a Valentine on each students locker and each teachers door. And that she did, it looked so festive walking down the hall, it must have taken her days to make all of those Valentine greetings. I was so impressed by her heart that I wanted to thank her over the intercom (and to let the students know who was so kind) but she asked me not to, she wanted it to be anonymous. That just shows what an amazing person she really is, to shower our school with such a thoughtful random act of kindness.

– Denise Weldon

Savannah Valley is my hero! Her calm and professional actions in helping one of her classmates this year made me very proud to be an Aggie. Savannah could have just as easily walked away and not gotten involved but she chose the Aggie way and acted with bravery. Thank you Savannah for being an Aggie!

– Dave Klingbiel

Addie Price makes me proud to be an Aggie. She was invaluable during an incident this year at school. Thank you Addie for being an Aggie!

– Dave Klingbiel

Holden Price makes me proud to be an Aggie. Holden was a crucial help during a situation this year as well. Thank you Holden for being an Aggie!

– Dave Klingbiel

Spencer Beeney makes me proud to be an Aggie! In Science Discovery class the students work on a lot of projects. At the end of each class period the students need to pick up and put away materials and unfinished projects. I have lost count of the number of times I find Spencer doing extra little things that make a huge difference. I have not once asked Spencer to help out. He just does it. Thank you Spencer for being an Aggie!

– Dave Klingbiel

The Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman volleyball teams make me proud to be an Aggie! These young ladies and their coaches (thank you Mrs. Genter!) chose the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and their cause and played two volleyball matches in support of the JDRF. During play the volleyball teams wore JDRF t-shirts and raised money in support of finding a cure for diabetes. This support means more to me and my family than anyone can ever know. Thank you volleyball teams for being Aggies!

– Dave Klingbiel

Many physics students (Maryanne Connor, Travis Dahlem, Ariel Filonczuk, Grant Gottschalke, Ethan Gurecki, Chelsea Hoskins, Kelly Lerminiaux, Cole Ragon, Luke Ragon, Stephanie Robertson, Kailey Sweers, Shelby Wiborn, Amanda Austin, Mikaela Berning, Kristen Bilyea, Bradley Butts, Donny Duperow, Austin Hamilton, Jamie Kiersey, Cass Mulhollen, Rachel Parkhurst, Addie Price, Alison Schlicker, and Rose Sweet) make me proud to be an Aggie! I offer students the chance to come in after school and during advisory time to get help or retake tests. So far this semester 24 out of 46 — over 50% of my students have taken advantage of the opportunity. The extra efforts of these 24 students make me have faith that the future is in good hands. Thank you students for being Aggies!

– Dave Klingbiel

As a new staff member this year at Dansville Middle School, I was excited about the opportunities that lay ahead of me but also nervous about starting in a new school. From the moment I was hired, Sandy Hunt and Eric Thackery did everything they could to make me feel welcome. I remember receiving text messages from them during the summer telling me “Welcome!” and just getting to know me. I was so happy to have colleagues who were so thoughtful! As the year started, they would check in on me daily to make sure everything was going well and to see if I had any questions. They would also make sure I knew where things were, what policies were, and included me in everything they did. I could not have asked for two people to make my start at a new school such a positive experience. I appreciate their efforts so much and they made my first year at Dansville the best experience I have ever had teaching.

– Jessica Stafford

Austin Rich has worked extremely hard this year to become a successful middle school student. He has learned how to organize his work and take responsibility for his learning. He puts his best effort into all his Reading assignments and always contributes during class. Our class looks forward to seeing how Austin can fit all four of our weekly vocabulary words into a sentence every week and every week he is able to create a sentence where he uses each word correctly and the sentence makes sense!! I know Austin is someone who will achieve great things in the future!

– Jessica Stafford

  • Carrie Kodish: Very supportive and helpful!
  • Allyson Bush: Gave her time and energy to help with the 5th grade music program by teaching a Spanish Beatles song
  • Julie York: Her sense of humor lightens up a situation!
  • Mary Fran Reed: Has been an anchor at Dansville, her kind, giving nature will be missed!
  • Amy Hodgson: Her heart – felt spirit makes it easy to communicate about any situation at Dansville.
  • Rebecca Wilson: So helpful and patient; she makes job- sharing pleasant.
  • Karen Henderson: Her patient, kind, positive attitude is wonderful to be around!

From: Laura Massaro

  • Taylor Coleman who has the best one liners.
  • Andrea Hartman for being flexible in a new dual position role.
  • Voss 3rd hour gang who became a family and make me smile daily.
  • Mrs. Ream who gently challenges my boys.
  • Aaron Hoefling for being thoughtful and caring.
  • Allison Rogers for being a true team player.
  • Tracy Galloway for her creative brainstorming.
  • Boys track team back to back regional champs.
  • David Willson for his great attitude and computer expertise.

From: Krista Voss

The boys track team won its 2nd Regional Championship in a row, 12 athletes qualified for the MHSAA State Track meet on June 4.

– Jason Gubeno

I would like to honor our retirees. Mary Fran Reed, Rod Clickner, and Kathy Driggs. They each have dedicated so much of their time over many decades to our wonderful Dansville Schools. They will all be missed so much! I would also like to thank each one for sharing their wonderful qualities with me and also from a parent’s perspective since Rod had all of my children and Kathy had my son. Mary Fran, thank you for being my childrens’ second MOM!

– Judy Gorrell

I am proud of my first grade students for sharing that something special they were created with:

  • Grace Ames comes in everyday with a smile to brighten my day.
  • Blake Baker has that quiet spirit that makes us want to stop and listen to what he has to say.
  • Natalie Bartlett shares her stories of good times with friends. Something she enjoys very much.
  • Conner Bramble has shared his amazing knowledge about science.
  • Trevor Dase is going to be one good basketball player. He is a great speller and shoots 8 point baskets in spelling basketball. Watch for him on the Dansville Aggie Team!
  • Miguel Fajardo is our “fix-it-man”. He is very responsible and just seems to know how to make things work.
  • Sam Hodgson is a man with a gentle spirit. He is always looking for the student who needs a kind word, or teacher help or just plain makes Mrs. Toles laugh. Keep your eye out for him on the Aggie Basketball Team. He can shoot them!
  • Gavin Hollon is a quiet student who enjoys listening to others and helping them problem solve.
  • David Hunsberger is our wrestler. He went to Nationals this year.
  • Iann Jahn has been blessed with the best laugh. A person could be having a bad day, they hear Iann and everything is ok.
  • Katelynn Karkauu is a very good friend to others. She enjoys helping others.
  • Isabelle Marks is also a quiet listener. She always has a kind word for others.
  • Jacob McDaniel has been blessed with the gift of a sense of order. He is very good at keeping everything going smoothly.
  • Kyle Moore has a future as a Dansville Aggie Basketball Star. He can shoot some pretty amazing shots. He is able to make those shots by knowing his spelling words! Watch for him.
  • Isaac Oesterle shares such joy of his first love, farming. He has taught me so much. I now know what bugs will show up in my house depending on what is planted in the field that year. Wow, who knew. He makes me laugh daily with his one liners.
  • Isabelle Oesterle is such a joy. She loves her friends, family and her bunny Oriole. Oriole was lost one day and it was a sad day in our class. The call came in quickly during the day that it had been found outside and alive. – whew. A new addition will be added soon. I look forward to those stories.
  • Jenna Schild loves everything. She is a great singer and dancer. Since this is one of my more favorite things to do, Jenna and I have lots of fun together.
  • Hugh Service is my student who we laugh together a lot. He gets my jokes and I get his! Hugh loves his family and he call his two sisters. “the sisters” that cracks me up everytime he says it.
  • Erin Sherwood is a all solid all around student. You will see her someday on the softball team, catching or pitching. She has quite an arm on her. She is always so kind and thoughtful to the other students.
  • Kelly West loves her horses. She is very responsible and takes care of a very big animal.

From: Rhonda Toles

Sara Oesterle cares about Dansville Schools. She has worn many different hats while she has been at Dansville. She has been a 5th grade teacher, 3rd grade teacher and our Principal. She stood up to the plate when she knew we needed a Principal. She gave it everything she had. She handled situations with such a calmness, that sometimes you would not even know a crisis had happened. I have had the opportunity to work with Sara in different situations, some of them have been difficult. I can say without a doubt that Sara is honorable, she keeps her word, and she keeps a confidence. I have had the privilege of having her three children in my class so I have been to privy to some funny stories. But when those children told me their mom was going to stay at home with them, I have never had so much respect for Sara. This is what our life is about. When we know our family needs us, we need to stop and put them first. My respect for Sara has gone off the charts. Thank you Sara for the sacrifice for us. Enjoy your family.

– Rhonda Toles

Sue Provencal is amazing! She teaches students, parents, teachers, and administration everyday! The students we share have made so much progress this year from her engaging lessons, patience, and persistence. She has taught me how to best teach all my students to understand sounds and become fluent readers. She has planned parent meetings and family book clubs to celebrate the success of her students and to model for parents how to engage their children in reading. She works with administration to help understand data, administer tests, and create forms for teachers to showcase their multiple data points. She attends multiple meetings and professional development opportunities. She comes in early, stays late (sometimes going home and coming back to school), and comes in on weekends. She is ALWAYS available to talk about students, model lessons, offer advice, and celebrate successes. There are SO MANY reasons why she is an aggie point of pride!!!

– Kate Tringal

Mary Torrey is tireless is helping students learn math at Academic ER. I am always impressed not only by her depth of knowledge, but also by the joy she exudes when helping students grapple with mathematical quandaries.

– Matt Hubinger

We always talk about how awesome our Aggies are out in the real world, and I had the opportunity to experience that on May 16th. 48 of our students displayed great Aggie character during our day at Stratford–they were quiet and respectful on the bus, especially during border crossing, they participated openly during our acting workshop, and they were a respectful audience during the play itself (minus the nodding off, but hey, they were up before 5AM). Way to go Aggies!

– Leah Braman

Denise Weldon is amazing! She has made it through her first year at Dansville and has kept a smile on her face the entire time. She constantly seeks ways to make everything more efficient in the office, and she has captured the hearts of our students. We are so lucky to have her

– Leah Braman

Andrea Hartman is rocking out the library. She, too, has really captured the hearts of the students with her question of the day and motherly guidance. She works well with students who need extra encouragement and is always polite and helpful.

– Leah Braman

I would like to say that Mary Fran is a true Aggie!!! This may be obvious but she is at EVERY school event! She even came to the high school play. She knows everyone, supports our school and students so much! She is also here practically every Sunday…it seems every time I come in to work she is here too…I don’t know when she goes home!!

She will be missed very much.

– Kristen Ream

I have 86% of my students who have brought their reading level up by at least a year during this school year

The cleaning staff are very kind and always do their best.

Mrs. Arambula works very hard with her students and meets with them every day, which has shown to improve their levels with reading and math.

Ms. Main has exceeded my expectations as her mentor for her first year of teaching.

Kate Tringal is a fantastic addition to our staff and great teacher.

Joan Weber works hard to not only allow our students to check out books but educates them to be self starters on picking out their own appropriate books.

Sue Provencal is a fantastic teacher and helper to staff. She helped to bring one of my students up 2 grade levels in reading this year.

The lunch staff is always smiling and helpful to students.

Brandi tries her best every day to quiet children in the hall.

Mrs. Hodgson shows her face in the hallway for children to know who she is and is always smiling. Mrs. Hodgson talks to the staff like we are on the same level and shows that she understands what we’re going through. -Carrie Kodish

I would like to give a special thank you to Linda McGrath and Karen Kimball in the Food Service department for all of their hard work helping us get things ready for Family Fun Night and the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip. Every day for about a month and a half they would finish their work day and come right down to the Middle School and stay until the end of the school day helping us with anything that was needed. It is people like them that make Dansville Schools the special place it is.

– Brenda Moran

The Cafeteria staff in the HS do a wonderful job every day serving up smiles with the food. And food tastes better if it’s served with a smile!

– Matt Hubinger

Denise! Kathy’s amazingness was hard to follow, but Denise rocks the office O-U-T! She has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things secretarial, administrative and studential, if that’s a word.

– Matt Hubinger

I would like to commend the 8th grade students that represented our school famously on their Gettysburg/Washington, D.C. trip. I was proud to be part of their group as they visited the many places.

– Kathy Driggs

I think a BIG Aggie Point of Pride is the dedication and creativity that Lavalle brings to this district. He is a genius when it comes to constructing furniture and making areas/rooms work better due to his designs and woodworking abilities. Many of the beautiful shelves, cupboards, computer labs, and display cabinets we have throughout the district are only possible because of Lavalle’s skill and dedication to making this place we work and live in every day better. He saves the district a lot of money by doing things himself and his knowledge is invaluable.

– Amber Cross

John Monroe helps keep our elementary lunch room looking good every day.

– Rebecca Wilson

I would like to personally thank the high school students for how wonderful they have been to my two boys and I. From the minute we stepped foot on Aggie ground we were welcomed by them. The students quickly learned their names and totally caught me off guard one day when they were walking into the office, I heard several of them say “Hi Zack, Hi Josh” and tears welled into my eyes, I thought to myself how awesome is that. But much to my surprise they’ve gone even further than that by taking a little bit of their time to “pal around” with them. Nothing has made me more proud of our students than to walk into the gym after school, or before an after school event, and see the students in the middle of a basket ball game or shoot out with Zack and Josh along with other younger kids. Or goofing off with them out on the track field or any other place they may run into them. How many schools could you go into and witness high school aged students who are gracious enough to take a minute or two to greet, joke around, or play a little ball with two younger kids??? Dansville, that’s where! On top of all that, I couldn’t have asked for a better year or a better group of teenagers to spend every day with! Thank you for being so kind, fun, and respectful to the new secretary. You guys are one of the reasons I enjoy coming to work every day. Dansville students are AMAZING! J Thank you Dansville students for such a wonderful year!

– Denise Weldon

I’m pretty sure all of Mr. Simmons Algebra I students would agree that if there were an actual award entitled “Aggie of the Year” he would win it by a landslide. Mr. Simmons lives everyday by the words in character which, if you remember, is in the commons and everywhere else in the school.

– Amber Bunker

John, Mike and the rest of the cleaning crew do a fantastic job being our mothers, cleaning up our messes and keeping everything stocked and shiny, and always with a smile!

– Matt Hubinger

Ann Marie is like a living computer database! She is super organized and really has the answers. IMPRESSIVE!

– Matt Hubinger

Denise and Cori do a wonderful job in the office.

– Matt Hubinger

Can you do a general mention of all the students that lend a hand to help do set ups and clean up of events. There is a lot of times when students help with chair and table set ups as well as lots of other things. I could name a few names but I don’t want to leave anyone out.

– LaValle Lamphere

Jason Feig makes me proud to be an Aggie. Mr. Feig is very good at listening to students. Because he is he took the advice of several students and formed a student advisory group. The students, Mr. Feig, and several teachers met at lunch to discuss issues important to the students. The students were interested in making Dansville a better place and Mr. Feig helped put the student ideas to action. Thank you Mr. Feig for being an Aggie!

– Dave Klingbiel

Amy Hodgson makes me proud to be an Aggie. Mrs. Hodgson exemplifies what it means to care about people. After having had the honor of working with Mrs. Hodgson I have repeatedly witnessed her step up to the plate and help students and adults with all types of problems.

As a school leader Mrs. Hodgson earns high marks. From a teachers perspective Mrs. Hodgson’s style of shared leadership creates an environment where everyone works very hard to make Dansville Schools the best schools anywhere. Teachers are encouraged to be innovative and to do what is best for students. Also, Mrs. Hodgson has been able to help craft a clear vision of where Dansville Schools are headed. This gives everyone a clear focus on what needs to be done. The best part about her vision is that the students are the main focus! Aggies everywhere are lucky to have a person with her human and leadership qualities as the leader of Dansville Schools. Thank you Mrs. Hodgson for being an Aggie!

– Dave Klingbiel

The Dansville Community makes me proud to be an Aggie! Many of you know that Juvenile Type-I diabetes is a terrible disease. What you may not know is that over 100 Aggies have stepped up to help find a cure! Since 2005, these 100+ Aggies, through Student Council and “Puttin’ On the Hits”, selling “Help Find a Cure” Sneakers, freshman, junior varsity, and varsity volleyball awareness night fundraisers, and by donating to and volunteering to help at the JDRF East Lansing Walk to Cure Diabetes have raised over $10,000 and for the East Lansing JDRF Chapter $1.1 million! This stands as proof positive that when the Dansville Community gets behind a project it turns out a success! Thank you for being Aggies!

– The Klingbiel Family

Denise Weldon makes me proud to be an Aggie! In a word Denise is awesome! She is always there for students, teachers, principals, custodians, parents, and everyone else. Any time I have a question she is able to answer it or if she doesn’t know the answer she figures it out. I sometimes wonder how she finds the time and energy to do what she does. Denise, thank you for being an Aggie!

– Dave Klingbiel

Amanda Sturm makes me proud to be an Aggie! Amanda does some incredible things with kids in FFA. From raising chickens to boiling sap for maple syrup to competitions and conventions and leadership opportunities she is able to help her students grow as students and as people. Besides her work with FFA, Amanda is a terrific colleague and teammate. Thank you Amanda for being an Aggie!

– Dave Klingbiel

It has been an honor to work with each staff member in this district throughout the course of the 11-12 school year. The personal sacrifices made on a daily basis because of their love for kids and their devotion to Dansville Schools is remarkable. I feel blessed to have my children here because of the wonderful teachers, secretaries, aides, bus drivers, food service staff, maintenance personnel, custodians and administrators who make our school an amazing place for students. Thank you for making us all proud to be Aggies!

– Amy Hodgson

I love seeing the students come into the office with a smile on their face and an Aggie Buck in hand that they had earned for good deeds or behavior. They are so proud to have earned them and so want their name to be called so they can shop in our Aggie Store. Thank you Dansville teachers for recognizing our awesome kids!

– Denise Weldon


I would just like to comment that when Jeannie Smith (custodial staff) was in the Middle School, she would go above and beyond what was expected to keep things clean.  I know she is in the Elementary now, but is probably doing a great job there, too!

Candyce Rogers

Congratulations to the Aggie Girls Softball Team for being awarded Channel 6 News Team of the Week!

Nancy Jungkans

A great big Aggie Point of Pride goes out to all of my second graders. Each student… YES, 100% of my students met the Math Computation Target!!! All my students put a huge amount of effort into improving their scores. The extra effort and hard work paid off. Everyone of my students in many areas made tremendous gains this year. Way to go Aggies!

I am very proud to say I am a Dansville Aggie and part of the Second Grade Team. Teamwork is working together as a group toward a common goal. Teamwork is celebrating success along the way. Teamwork is understanding your team members. Teamwork is having open and free discussion. Teamwork is each member applying their strengths effectively. Teamwork is working through conflict. Teamwork is supporting each other on the way to a goal. Teamwork is a group of people working well together. Our team accomplished so much this year for the benefit of our Dansville Students. Thank you Kristen Ream and Rhonda Toles for being part of my team and supporting me through the many new improvements of the 2011-2012 school year. We are a great team!

Another victory and Dansville Aggie Point of Pride was Andy Cox our new principal. Thank you for a great school year. Also a big thank you goes out to Brenda Moran and Jan Baker making our school run so smoothly each day!!!!

-Judy Gorrell

I am writing honoring my son Derek Perkins who is in 1st grade.  I am so proud of him.  He has achieved so much this year, and is reading, writing, spelling, and etc above expectation.  He loves school, I can’t make an appt after school because he doesn’t want to miss his last moments of school.

Derek loves and excels in reading, loves learning about Michigan and especially the titanic.  He also has a love for art and makes the best pictures.

Derek is only in the first grade and I look forward to what 2nd grade has to bring.  He should be acknowledged for his excellent behavior.

-Mary Jo Perkins

Sue Provencal asked for my assistance with her literacy breakfast this morning, I had no idea what this experience would bring.  I was able to witness a very well planned out program featuring 32 Title 1 students.  Every student had at least 1 guest in attendance!!  Sue had the program planned out down to every minor detail.  The event was impressive!

We are very lucky to have Sue as a teacher on our staff.  She goes above and beyond on a daily basis.  Everything she does is focused on student improvement in reading.  She truly cares about the Dansville students!

-Doretta Arambula


  1. Jessica Rusch says:

    I love working for a district that when I talk about where I work in public, I get a response like the following:
    “I heard the Amy Hodgson is the superintendent for that district now. Can I share a story with you about how she changed my daughter’s life?” And this parent went on to tell me about how her daughter struggled academically and socially in school. Our superintendent, then principal, spent countless hours mentoring this student to help her reach her goal of graduating from high school. This parent is certain that if it hadn’t been for Amy’s dedication, care and concern that her daughter may have dropped out of school. I am filled with pride that I have Amy to look up to, so that maybe some day, a parent can insert my name in the above quote and another staff member can feel that same pride because of me.

  2. jungkansn says:

    The Dansville Varsity Softball Team is the TV-6 Team of the Week. The aggies are also CMAC conference champions for 2012.

  3. Nancy Jungkans says:

    Congratulations to the following track members who will be representing Dansville at the M.H.S.A.A. State Track Meet: DeMarcu Stid-Shot Put, Austin Hamilton-High Jump, Michaella Stone -800 meters, Brandon Gochis- 400 meters, Amanda Arbuckle, Michaella Stone, Ellen Launstein, Sonya Pratt- 3200 Relay.

  4. Janet Magsig says:

    My husband and I gave blood at the blood bank Monday morning and the young people at the registration and food tables were so very polite and courteous – you can be very proud of them!!

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