April 23, 2014


The DSEF was formed and granted its non-profit status in the summer of 2004.  The Foundation encourages high academic standards and excellence in teaching by underwriting new and/or innovative programs that, due to budget limitations, the school is unable to fund.  The Foundation is solely dependent on tax-deductible donations from the community.  The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Membership is drawn from the community -at- large.  The Dansville Schools Superintendent serves an ex-officio member.  The building administrators serve as administrative advisers to the Foundation.

Mission Statement

The Dansville Schools Education Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the quality of academic life by enhancing or initiating those programs which are not or will not normally be funded by the Dansville School System.  While the Foundation is autonomous in organization and responsibility, it is its clear intention to pursue the above goals in close cooperation with the Dansville School Board, administrators, teachers, students, alumni and community.



Nominations are now being accepted for the Dansville Schools Education Foundation Distinguished Service Awards. (note: these replace the teacher and alumni of the year awards) The DSEF will select up to two individuals for the award. Distinguished Service Award recipients will be selected for their deeds and accomplishments that have had a significant, positive impact on the students of Dansville Schools.  Any member of the community, including alumni and teachers, may be nominated. Please submit the name, address, and phone number of your nominee and a written statement explaining why he or she should be selected for a Distinguished Service Award, along with your name and contact information and any supporting documentation you wish to attach.  (Anonymous nominations will not be accepted.) Nominations are due by September 30, 2012, to Tiffany Atkins, Dansville Schools Education Foundation, P.O. Box 202, Dansville, MI  48819—e-mail:  info@dsefoundation.com.   Don’t forget to include your name and contact information. Questions?  Please contact Marlene Lieder at (517) 623-6413.