February 6, 2016


Our District Mission

Our mission is to enhance the academic achievement of students.
In pursuit of this mission, the Dansville School will . . .

  • Employ a competent, caring staff
  • Provide a safe and stimulating learning environment
  • Nurture good citizenship, respect for others, and school pride
  • Value the worth and dignity of all students
  • Actively engage parents and community members in the learning process

Our District Vision

Our vision is to be Michigan’s best small town school district.

  • Create an inviting environment
  • Make learning exciting
  • Individualize instruction
  • Commit to continuous improvement
  • Serve as the center of the Dansville community

Our District Goals

  • To continue improving the school curriculum
  • To maintain and enhance the District’s educational program
  • To maintain a highly qualified staff
  • To develop and implement a long-range plan for Dansville Schools
  • To support the work of the Facilities Planning Committee (FPC)