February 20, 2018

Special Education

This site will help you find information concerning the special education process and highlights the uniqueness of Dansville Schools. If you have questions concerning special education, please feel free to contact one of us.


Amy Hodgson – District Coordinator for Special Education    hodgson@dansville.org    517-623-6120 ext. 221

Andy Cox – Elementary Coordinator    coxa@dansville.org      517-623-6120  ext. 224

Tania Dupuis – Secondary Coordinator   dupuist@dansville.org    517-623-6120  ext. 235


Please check out the parent information page for more information on IEPs and special education.



Students’ programs and services are based on their needs once they have been found eligible for Special Education services. Eligibility for Special Education services is determined through a referral and evaluation process. Dansville Schools has six special education teacher/service providers. Dansville Schools also works with Ingham Intermediate School District (IISD) for many other student needs. Several IISD staff members call Dansville Schools their home school district.

What do I do if I suspect my child has a disability?

If your child is suspected of having a disability, anyone can refer him or her to the school for an evaluation. This may be done by contacting the child’s teacher, principal, or school counselor.

Each building has a team of teachers and other staff designated to create positive solutions when students are struggling in school. This is called the Student Assistance Team. This team will come together with you to brainstorm interventions to try. Once the interventions are put into place the team will monitor the progress of the student. Often times interventions are just what the child needs to be successful. Other times the child does not make enough progress and more formalized testing is needed

The Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team (MET) will meet to discuss and review information needed about your child and determine what evaluations are needed. The team includes specialist from different educational areas. Parents are important members of this team and provide valuable information. Once your written consent is received, the Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team will conduct testing within thirty (30) school days.

The school district will determine if your child has a disability and they also determine whether he or she is eligible to receive special education services. Next, the school will schedule an individual education plan (IEP).