March 20, 2018

Custodial Bid, Addendum 2

ADDENDUM 2 Custodial Services Q and A

Pre-Bid Custodail Services Walk Thru Sign In Sheets

Construction Update March 9, 2018

Custodial Services Bid Addendum

ADDENDUM 1 Custodial Services ITB


Ingham Intermediate School District (“Ingham ISD”) in conjunction with Ingham County local school districts (“Districts”) are accepting sealed bid proposals for a Custodial Services Contract as described in the attached specifications. Vendors may bid on one District, multiple Districts, or all Districts. The successful vendor(s) will be selected based on the best value to each District.

2018 Custodial Services ITB

Technology Bid Addendum

Addendum 6 Switch Locations Drawings

A Parent’s Guide to Standards-Based Assessment Grading

More than a decade ago Dansville Schools began our assessment and grading journey because our experiences and research showed that traditional grading actually hurts student motivation. We then dug more deeply into the assessment research to learn what kind of assessment and grading motivates students. Based on our findings, we began our move to standards-based grading and assessment.

A Parent’s Guide to Standards-Based Assessment Grading

Technology Bid Addendum

Addendum 5 Q and A

February 5, 2018 Construction Update

Technology Bid Addendum

Addendum 1 Camera Prints

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Addendum 4 Updates and Walk Through

Construction Update Jan. 22, 2018

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