March 20, 2018

Construction Project Update

Dear Aggie Family,

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide updates regarding the bond project and to address the many rumors that have been circulating.

Bids: The past few months have been spent pouring over every line of every bid category to ensure we are taking feedback from the low bidders, considering feedback from all the bids received and doing everything we can to ensure we are maximizing both value and savings.  This has been a labor-intensive process, but has been time well spent by those involved and quite productive.

Abatement: The abatement process for the band room and weight room were underway starting the first day after school ended on Monday, June 12th and has been ongoing since. This will be followed by demolition.

Awarding of Bids: The first bids were awarded by the school board this past Monday night in the areas of site construction/utilities and demolition. Contractors are expected onsite starting early next week to begin this work.  The remaining bid categories are expected to be awarded by the Board in July.

Rumors: There have been many rumors regarding the water tower and the availability of water to provide fire suppression for the new school.   As hard as it has been to wait to address these rumors, it was best to wait until all actual reports and facts were confirmed and those were finalized this week. Please know that official testing has occurred and in fact there are no issues related to the water tower, flow or the ability to provide fire suppression for the new building.

Patience Needed: Every aspect of this project has involved a process that does not always happen as quickly as we would like, but everyone involved is working hard to do their best to be good stewards of the bond monies while staying focused on delivering the best possible facilities for our students.  We are also doing our best to make decisions related to availability of our current fields and facilities based on our most current information and in the end again, we are trying to do our best to accommodate the needs of the community while taking direction based on the needs of those managing the project.

Thank You: So many of you have been so forthcoming with your expressions of understanding and flexibility and I want to thank you for those intentional efforts as we endure the inconveniences that will be increasing over these next 15 months. We are still planning to occupy the new school in the Fall of 2018 and will continue to keep you posted as information becomes available and finalized.

If you have specific questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me any time.

Thank you,

Amy Hodgson