In fourth grade, we are striving for mastery over each skill being taught.  Our goal is for every child to master the learning targets aligned to the common core standards. Research has indicated that allowing students the opportunity to master a skill is highly beneficial to their academic achievement as well as self-esteem.  Therefore, your child is able to retake quizzes and tests again for a better grade. 

 In order to qualify to retake the quiz/test, your student must study again and can take the quiz/test within 3 weeks from the date of the original test.  If your child wants to retake a quiz or test, he or she must provide evidence of furthering their learning.  For Reading Street, the weekly summary includes specifically what your child can do to earn a retake a part of their weekly test.  Your child must complete this work in order to demonstrate that they have put forth additional effort.  A time will then be arranged to retake the quiz/test.  Please take the time to help your student accomplish this.  We will be keeping track of who comes to us for help. 

 Please sign the quiz/test that your child wishes to retake and have them return it to me so I know you have seen it. 

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